Michael Heuser
Wood Furniture Artisan
Graduate of Layton School of Art Milwaukee, WI

My furniture is one of a kind, functional fine art furniture with a natural esthetic. Each piece is crafted of solid woods. Special attention is given to the design in order to incorporate the unique personality and beauty of the wood for each piece. I particularly enjoy working with wood with lots of character. The woods used in my pieces are from locally harvested trees that, for various reasons, had to be taken down. Using trees already slated to come down prevents the lumber from going to waste and prevents consuming additional resources needed to cut, mill, and ship commercial lumber. I offer many ready-made pieces but also do custom designs to suit any ideas you may have in mind.

These one of a kind, heirloom quality pieces of furniture are made to be passed down for generations.

“Trees are the silent sentinels of woods and streams. They stand unspeaking witness to sunlit mornings, lashing storms, nocturnal secrets, birth, death, and historic occasions of celebration and despair…” Sandy Corley 1993